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For Parents looking for a Suzuki Piano teacher BUT could NOT find one, there are other GOOD teacher options!

Are you a parent looking for a Suzuki Piano teacher but could not find one in your area/country? I understand that some teachers resist to teach the method because they were not exposed, did not attend Suzuki workshops held internationally and not well-read about the Suzuki Piano method of teaching. However, as parents, we can … Continue reading

Alexandra Minoza plays Chopin and Villalobos (1994)

Alexandra Minoza plays Chopin and Villalobos (1994).


A gift from photographer Pascal Reynaud. THE PIANIST AND THE CHILD  “Thank you so much Alexandra for the special “Clair de Lune” for Lola after the Classical Music Concert of Namrata Shah (Soprano) and Alexandra Miñoza (Piano) at Alliance Française of Madras yesterday.”  © This image is protected by copyright, no use of this image shall be … Continue reading

FAQ on piano lessons for parents

FAQ 1. What age should my child learn the piano? 3 1/2 years old — motor development is usually sufficient to begin at 3 1/2 years. 2. Does the child have to be musically gifted or TALENTED in order to take up piano lessons? No. I believe in the NURTURING approach of learning music — the foundation … Continue reading

BBC News – The Power of Art: Can music treat ADHD?

Source: BBC News Researchers found that children who could synchronise (Experiment on children playing on percussion instruments with a regular beat in a group) also performed better in other tests. What this could mean is that learning to time or synchronise, in a group setting with other people, musically, could improve your ability to focus in … Continue reading

“They’re rarely too young and never too old to twinkle.” – Suzuki Piano Method

“They’re rarely too young and never too old to twinkle.” – Suzuki Piano Method


What is the Suzuki piano way of teaching all about?

Featured on The New Indian Express newspaper – Notes of a pianist

Featured on The New Indian Express newspaper – Notes of a pianist by Janani Sampath. The online version of the news article can be found on this link: Corrections on the BOLDED words: In India, not many piano teachers train children under the age of 7. Whereas when a teacher is trained to teach the … Continue reading

A Suzuki teacher must be certain that a child can do the assignment very well before leaving the lesson.

It is very important that a Suzuki teacher must be certain that a child can do the assignment very well before leaving the lesson. Below is quoted from the book Studying Suzuki Piano: More Than Music by Carole Bigler and Valery Lloyd-Watts. “A motivational tool – success – one of the most natural motivations for all people. … Continue reading

Does a piano foot stool help a child play the piano better?

I am very impressed with this custom-made piano foot stool made by a local carpenter in Chennai. This is just what I needed for the little ones who could not have their feet flat on the ground. Look for Izhar or Javid at #55, Sannathi Street, 100 Ft Road, Taramani, Chennai. Question: Does a piano foot … Continue reading

© photograph by Pascal Reynaud.

Alexandra Miñoza

■ Education
Master of Music,
Advanced Piano Performance
Royal College of Music, London.

Bachelor of Music,
Piano Performance (Honours)
Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore.

■ Teaching experience from 2006

■ Specialization
Pre-conservatory piano level, ABRSM Diploma level, ABRSM Gr1-8 level, TCM Diploma level, TCM Gr1-8 level, Beginners age 3.5 years old, Suzuki Piano Method, Traditional Piano Method, Early childhood development music programme

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